“We rise by lifting others.”
-Robert Ingersoll

It takes one inspired idea, one vision, a team of selfless people to come together for the greater good of others. We can’t help but thank the Power that has given us the guidance to keep going. I have been involved in multiple fundraising activities before Pink Elephant and this movement certainly hits home for me as I have witnessed, in my own family, the heartache of kids who have lost their parents to addiction. The vision presented to me was the next right thing to focus on and see it come to fruition. I am in awe by every donation, by every sponsor, by every volunteer, by community leaders, by the kindly acts of others who support our vision that has left me speechless countless times. To be a part of Pink Elephant and witness the blessings and support we have received so we can in turn pour life and hope into those people who need it, is not our doing but the doing of a Force greater than us that works through us. I believe the Pink Elephant is the answer to many people’s prayers.