The Pink Elephant has done so many positive things for our area. It brought so many families together, whether losing a loved one or being there for someone they love for support. The day of the walk we were like one big family, people hugging, crying, smiles, it’s amazing what this organization has done in its first year. It has helped my family. It made us feel like we are not the only ones battling this disease and that we are all in it together. The committee just made the day so special for my daughter, and to me that meant everything. I hope The Pink Elephant continues, because people need to see that this epidemic is out of control. We need to take control and try and make it better for the younger generation. They personally came to my home at the holidays to make sure the children had what they wanted for Christmas.

Anonymous Supporter,

With the horrendous drug epidemic that is sweeping across the country, organizations like The Pink Elephant are a shining light. I've had the honor of volunteering at its 5k and witnessed hope, healing and an amazing sense of family amongst all in attendance. While it was extremely emotional, the energy was indescribably uplifting and comforting. I have dear friends who have lost their children to this devastating disease and are now raising their grandchildren. I can share their testament of appreciation and gratitude that not only are their children being remembered but also they have support from a loving community that has so selflessly given their time and efforts to help heal their families. It takes a village and The Pink Elephant has become an instrumental factor in building that village. In Loving Support Always, Amy Scherrer

Amy Scherrer,

On October 1, 2016, I participated in a 5K run for the Pink Elephant. I had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful women (Kathy Taylor & Maureen "Reenie" Dugan) who have a passion for helping people suffering from addiction. In a short amount of time, Kathy & Reenie have polarized the community and succeeded in drawing a huge turnout for the first Pink Elephant event. Many families expressed relief in being able to share their stories and receive comfort from others. Unfortunately, Philadelphia and many other cities are suffering from a heroin epidemic that has destroyed the lives of countless families. Few people step up to address the issue, fewer are willing to speak out and take action; Kathy & Reenie are two of those women who have the courage and drive to help change people’s lives. Thank You, John Massi, Sergeant #8571

Sergeant John Massi,